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Daily Auction Lobby

Our Daily Auctions will start from 5 million E2X tokens per day and will be distributed between the users that participated in Auction based on their purchase amount. This will reduce over the next 365 days.

Daily ETHEREUM Dividends

Everyday 90% of the previous day's ETH that was spent in the Auction Lobby will be pooled and allocated to users based upon their completed stake terms. 10% will be converted to TRX and used to buy into T2X lobbies.

Lucrative Staking System

Stake your E2X tokens within the Staking Portal and earn daily interest. Additionally Stakers are rewarded ETH tokens from the daily Lobbies based off the percentage of total tokens being Staked.


What is E2X all about?

E2X was developed and optimized to reward those who participate in the platform. Derived from the ideas behind previous staking platforms, E2X takes it to the next level giving back 90% of all ETH tokens that enter the daily Lobby Auctions. Easily making E2X one of the most lucritive staking platforms available!

E2X was designed for speed. No more waiting for your transactions to confirm. No more paying high cost transaction fees. E2X ends this putting more rewards back in your pocket.

Swap ETH for E2X tokens

Innovative Blockchain

The E2X core is powered by ETHEREUM, an award winning blockchain development platform.

Lightning Fast

E2X transactions typically confirm in 10 seconds or less.

Referral System

Your referrals will earn an extra 5% minted E2X tokens on their Stake End. As a referrer you will earn an extra 10%.

Innovative Ideas

Hard working developers are behind the E2X project. Providing both new and innovative enhancements to the E2X platform.


Our smart contracts are open source and made available for everyone. Rest assured you can trust your funds are safe when entering any of our smart contact dapps.

Open & Transparent

Community backed and driven, the admins of the project are here to answer and resolve any issues faced by users.

Social Media

Get all the latest updates and connect with other active members of the community using Telegram and Discord.

Mobile Optimized

On the go? The E2X platform is optimized for mobile use. Trade, Stake, and Play games all from your smart device.

Simple & Powerful toolsOur Staking Dapp makes it easy to start earning E2X + ETH Dividends

Frequently asked questions.
E2X is a highly lucritive Staking DApp platform. Developed from the ideas behind previous staking platforms, E2X was designed with one thing in mind, the STAKERS. By owning E2X tokens and Staking them in our Staking Portal users will receive daily interest on their E2X tokens as well as a percentage of the overall amount of ETH that enters the Auction Lobby daily. Fully transparent and secure everything is controlled by smart contracts on the ETHEREUM blockchain. There is no MAX supply and token price is soley derived from buying and selling markets.
E2X tokens are available for Auction in our Staking Portal Auction Lobby or on exchanges when listings available.
By Staking your E2X tokens you start recieving daily interest. In addition to daily interest, Stakers are also rewarded with 90% of all ETH that enters the daily Auction Lobby. E2X will become tradeable on multiple exchanges as continue development of additional smart contract games designed to fuel the E2X Stakers.
Staking is ONLY available in our Staking Portal dapp.

Can I have Multiple Stakes? YES
Can I end my Stake early? YES
Am I penalized for ending Stakes early? YES! You are subject up to a 100% penalty depending on your stake terms.
Can I modify my Stake once started? NO
What is Staking Minimum and Maximum duration? 1 Day - 365 Days
Maximum number of tokens I can Stake? No Maximum
What do I do when my Stake duration ends? Complete steps by executing the End Stake function. After a 2 week period of not claiming your Ended Stakes you will be charged 1% each week that passes.
Initially Staking will be the main focus of the platform. Shortly after we will begin development of smart contract DApps and Games utlizing E2X tokens.
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RoadmapE2X Future Developements
Staking & Dividend Platform Developments

Developed to reward participants, we offer a fully developed Staking platform that includes features such as a 90% Dividend Structure and weekly paydays.

Revenue Sharing Swap Portal

E2X will offer its own internal revenue sharing swap portal called XSWAP. With features including liquidity provider rewards, drip dividend structure, and E2X token buy back and burns.

Smart Contract Developments

E2X offers fast transactions. Open sourced smart contract games and dapps will be added increasing the tokens useability.